Lint Trapper is a unique, patented utility tub drain strainer

that fits in the drain opening of utility tubs, wash sinks, laundry tubs and kitchen sinks. It is specifically designed to keep your septic system clean of unwanted non-biodegradable material, effectively straining lint, hair, debris, and mop sludge from clogging your drain pipes.

The Lint Trapper is a reusable product, made of high impact polystyrene which holds up under hot or cold water temperatures, for household as well as commercial use, perfect for restaurants, salons and pet grooming facilities. Made in the USA to last many years with care, the Lint Trapper is the last lint trap you’ll ever need to buy!



Learn how to modify Lint Trapper to fit Smaller Diameter or shallow drains

How Does it Work?

Removes lint, hair, and other washing machine debris from entering tub drain…

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Why Lint Trapper?

Clogged utility sinks caused by build-up of lint and debris from washing machine water discharge and mop sludge can lead to expensive repairs and damaging flooding.

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Where did it all start?

Lint Hair Trapper started in the 1950’s…

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It works great! It’s so simple to use, but the key difference is – you can buy the mesh style lint trap for $3 and come back for a new one every month or buy this one for $8 and you basically never need to buy another one. So in the end, one of them costs a lot less than the other, and it works beautifully!

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